RS 6/3/7
Iowa State University

Vice Provost for Research and Advanced Studies
Graduate College
Iowa State Journal of Research Records,  1946-1987, n.d.


Special Collections Department
403 Parks Library
Iowa State University
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Iowa State University. Vice Provost for Research and Advanced Studies
Graduate College


Iowa State Journal of Research Records


1946-1987, n.d.


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RS 6/3/7


University Archives, Special Collections Department, Iowa State University.


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Iowa State University Vice Provost for Research and Advanced Studies
Graduate College, Iowa State Journal of Research Records, RS 6/3/7, Special Collections Department, Iowa State University Library.


Historical note

The Iowa State Journal of Science was founded in 1926. In 1959, coincident with the name change of the institution, it was renamed Iowa State Journal of Science. In 1972 its scope broadened so that it could be available to faculty and students in both Sciences and Humanities, and it became the Iowa State Journal of Research. It was founded in 1926 by R.E. Buchanan and colleagues. The imperative was that of a medium for prompt publication of research and a resource for longer papers unacceptable in disciplinary journals. Some eight individuals have served in the role of editor: Robert E. Buchanan, P.E. Brown, J.W. Woodrow, J.C. Gilman, W.H. Bragonier, G.F. Stewart, E.A. Hicks and Duane Isley. The disciplinary use of the Journal's pages are variously shifted with time, Biology and Agriculture have predominated through most of its history. In 1972 it was broadened to include the Humanities. Individual author's papers and numerous contributions to symposia, conferences and dedicatory issues (primarily from off-campus scholars) have been included in this publication. Earlier volumes included abstracts of ISU doctoral dissertations and subsequently, lists of both doctoral and master's degree productions. The journal ceased publication in 1986.



Collection Description

The records include general correspondence and reports, history files, documents relating to the journal's 60th anniversary, and files concerning the journal's termination.



Container list


Box/File                                                                                                            Date


1/1                    Correspondence and Reports                                              nd, 1946-51


1/2                    Correspondence                                                                    1986-87


1/3                    Correspondence and Termination                                        1986

1/4                    History                                                                                      1986

1/5                    Iowa State Journal of Research: An                                      1986

                        Informal Account 1926-86 by Duane Isley


1/6                    60th Anniversary                                                                        1986

1/7                    Information for Authors                                                              1984

1/8                    Journal Termination                                                                   1986-87

1/9                    Personnel - Christine McDaniel                                                1986

1/10                  Samples from 1985                                                                   1985

1/11                  Statement to Graduate Faculty                                                  1980

2/1                    Correspondence                                                                         1947-52


2/2                    Correspondence                                                                         1953-64


2/3                    202-00-11 & 300-0015 Revolving and Investment funds       1938-60


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