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RS 22/5/0/11
Veterinary Medical Society of Iowa State College
Records, 1903-1919

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Veterinary Medical Society of Iowa State College






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Historical note

The first meeting of the Veterinary Medical Society of Iowa State College was organizational in nature and was held on April 10, 1903. Officers were elected and a committee of students was appointed by the Chairman to work with the Veterinary Faculty to draft a constitution for the organization. The constitution and by-laws were drafted by the committee, and were approved at the next meeting on April 13, 1903.

The purpose of the organization was stated in the Preamble of their Constitution, "We, the students and the Division of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State College, believing that the best results, intellectually, socially and morally can only be obtained by the united efforts of those having like needs and desires, do hereby form ourselves into a society for the purpose of investigation and discussion of all subjects relating to the veterinary profession."

Membership was classified as either Active or Honorary. Active members of the society consisted "of matriculate students in the division of Veterinary Medicine of Iowa State College." Honorary members consisted of "all members of the Veterinary Faculty and all graduates of the Division of Veterinary Medicine of Iowa State College and such members as the society sees fit to elect. Any person holding a degree from a college recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association or any person whom the society may see fit to choose, may be elected to honorary membership, provided he receives two-thirds of the votes of the members present."

The Officers of the society consisted of, "President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Critic, Sergeant-at-Arms, and an Advisory Committee composed of four active members, one member to be elected from each class to act with the honorary President and Honorary Secretary who shall also be members of this Committee." All officers with the exception of the treasurer were elected for one-half of the school year at the last regular meeting of each term of office. The treasurer was elected for the entire year. The President, Vice President, and Critic were elected from the senior class, the Secretary from the junior class, the Treasurer from the sophomore class, and all other officers from any class. The Honorary President and Honorary Secretary were selected from the veterinary faculty by the society.


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This collection (1903-1919) contains a constitution (ca. 1903) and the minutes book (1903-1919) for the society.


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Minutes Book (April 10, 1903 to May 28,1919)